Patent-pending room layout planner for business

Make the most of your limited space, to fit more customers while maintaining proper distance between them.

The Algorithmic Space Planner

RoomO will create a digital floor plan that optimizes your space and reassures your customers that their well-being is your first concern.

RoomO, a patent-pending room layout planner

Safe Social Distancing for Customers

Ensure social distancing for customer safety for every type of in-person service.

The algorithm automatically generates the placement of your customers using just three input parameters.

Equipment Accounting

RoomO comes loaded with a database of over 1600 fitness equipment options. Filter by type, brand, and name.

Obstacle Control

Add any obstructions you may have in your space. The RoomO tool will automatically optimize the space around them.

Create Infinite Floor Plans

RoomO is flexible for any business, and we know that you need different layouts for events, classes, and seasons. Create as many floor plans as you like.

Share & Download

Keep your team and customers in the loop. Export, share, and print floor plans for easy reference.

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