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Offer Your Customers the Freedom to Choose

RoomO is a floor plan tool designed to enhance customer engagement and loyalty by allowing your customers to pick their own spots in a room or venue. From yoga classes to concerts, your business can offer a more personalized booking experience when you use RoomO.

Using our floor plan tool, customers can reserve a spot in a class or event

How Does RoomO Work?

Featuring a simple drag-and-drop interface, RoomO allows you to arrange where your customers sit or stand to make the best use of your space. Whether you prefer to arrange spots by hand or let RoomO do it automatically, it’s a versatile room layout planner that adapts to your needs.​

RoomOis a patent-pending room layout planner.

Our Science-Backed Approach

RoomO uses a smart algorithm to optimize your space efficiently. Just tell it the room dimensions, how much space each person needs, and the preferred separation between them. RoomO will figure out how to comfortably fit the most people, automatically creating a layout that ensures there’s enough room for everyone to enjoy the event

Making Room

The algorithm behind our floor plan generator calculates your customers’ optimal placement using just three details: room dimensions, individual space requirements, and separation. This makes your setup process quick and straightforward.

Equipment Accounting

Access our extensive fitness equipment list featuring over 1600 stationary bikes, yoga mats, cross trainers and more. Simply choose the equipment you need and RoomO will do the rest.

Obstacle Control

Got pillars, stairs, or other fixed features? No problem. Just tell RoomO about any obstacles in your space and it will work around them.

Create Infinite Floor Plans

RoomO is flexible enough for various classes, workshops, or events. You can create an infinite number of floor plans to meet the requirements of different activities. ts, classes, and seasons. Create as many floor plans as you like.

Who Benefits from RoomO?

RoomO helps a variety of businesses make better use of their spaces.

Here are a few examples:

Cycling Studios

Set up bike placements in advance and link them to your booking system, allowing clients to choose their preferred bikes in advance.

Cycling Class enjoyed by three friends
Film premiere with reserved seat assignments

Event Planners

Streamline seating arrangements for concerts, weddings, and other events, maximizing space and guest comfort.

Co-working Spaces

Facilitate personalized desk and room bookings, promoting an efficient and customized workspace environment.

To learn about other ways to use RoomO, visit our case studies page.

Why Your Business Should Use RoomO

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Better Customer Experience

Allowing your customers to choose their spots caters to their preferences, which fosters satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Stand Out From The Competition

Offer a unique booking experience that prioritizes customer comfort and convenience.

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Maximize Your Revenue Potential

By figuring out how many customers your space can comfortably handle, you can make more money while keeping your service quality high.

Keep Everyone Comfortable

Thoughtfully planned spaces ensure there’s enough room for everyone, resulting in happier clients and repeat business.

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