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Our appointment software provides an online booking system for in-person and virtual appointments, services, or events. Schedule, process payments, and manage staff shifts all with one web-based tool.

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Elevate your customer's booking experience. Our CRM software comes with intuitive online booking and seamless payment integrations.

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Does your business schedule appointments, services, classes or events? Ruoom supports fitness instructors, gym owners, event planners, salons, and more.

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Effortlessly integrate our web-based booking calendars into your website for simpler online bookings. Sign up now and start streamlining your booking process.

Empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs through innovative CRM and online booking.

Schedule appointments in multiple rooms & locations

Maximize your usable space using Ruoom's patent pending space optimization tool

Allow your clients to reserve spots for themselves and friends

Manage staff hours, and assign shared tasks

Redefining appointment software with advanced features.

Appointment booking systems, tailored to you.

Embark on a new era of streamlined booking experiences

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