Simplify your business management with Ruoom®

Small business management software built for growing teams.

Ruoom®, for improvement.

Improve your business with Ruoom®: An all-in-one customer management platform and scheduling tool for in-person and virtual events.

Yet it does so much more:

Schedule classes in multiple rooms & locations

Optimize space between clients for social distancing

Clients can reserve spots for themselves & friends

Manage staff hours, and assign shared tasks

Business owners need room to breathe

Ruoom® gives small businesses and growing teams the essential staff- and client-management software so you can focus on delivering the best experience and service.

RoomO Pro

Small business management software to manage client bookings, class schedules & staff.


RoomO is a patent-pending floor plan creator that optimizes your space for various purposes with appropriate social distancing.

Finally, small business software you’ll actually use.

Patent-Pending Space Management

Ruoom’s® proprietary software maximizes your usable space (and your profits) while giving your clients enough room to move.

Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

With multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, we help businesses in several regions; yours could be next!

Simple. You Have Enough to Do Already

Most client management software apps say they’re easy to use, but are clunky & confusing.

Affordable for Small Studios

Pay only for what you use, with scalable pricing based on the number of staff users. See our pricing options for details.


Switching to Ruoom® is easy. Simply upload your customer data from your existing CRM, and you’ll be ready to go with Ruoom® in minutes! Getting your data out of Ruoom® is easy with our export feature, but that might not be the case with all other CRMs. If you have difficulty getting your data exported from somewhere else, please contact our service team and we’ll help you out!

Our customers come from all over. As long as you have a physical space where you host guests, Ruoom® can work for you. Yoga and pilates instructors, fitness entrepreneurs, community centers, barbers, restaurants,  and teaching professionals use Ruoom® to simplify their businesses.

For those in the medical field: Ruoom® is not HIPAA compliant, so our tools should not be used to store sensitive patient data.

Ruoom® uses a limited amount of data processing to give you the beautiful features our customers love. We’ll never sell any customer data, and we do not keep any data on our servers for longer than necessary. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

You can sign up and use Ruoom® for $0.00 (that’s not a typo!). We’re offering this fantastic deal to new customers who want to get in to take advantage of the powerful features right away.

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Simplify the way you run your business. Give your staff and clients advanced scheduling tools so you can just check your daily dashboard and get back to what you do best.​

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