Top 10 Fitness Influencers Promoting Inclusivity in the Fitness Industry

As protests for Black Live Matters continue across the world, a poll suggests up to 26 million people have taken part in recent events. This makes it one of the biggest movements in US history. It’s more important than ever to create a culture of inclusion in the fitness industry and your business. 

Fitness needs to be welcoming and accessible to everyone. It’s time to mainstream diversity and empower your clients. Every person deserves access to the power of movement and exercise; they should feel comfortable using your services. 

Inclusivity and accessibility have been an issue in the fitness industry for a while, but health and fitness professionals are using their platforms to voice powerful messages. Many fitness influencers in the industry promote fitness inclusivity and support equality. From body inclusivity and racial equality and justice to physical disabilities and female empowerment, let’s take a look at fitness influencers making moves in the industry. 

Chrissy King is a fitness coach, writer, speaker, and creator of the #BodyLiberationProject. She actively stands up against racial injustice and inequality. She focuses on sharing a message that encourages inclusivity in the fitness industry. Chrissy talks about things like accountability, bias, and creating an inclusive wellness environment.

Angie is the first black American female UFC fighter. She trains non-stop and is a massive force in the fighting world. Angie began her training in Muay Thai while working at an animation studio before training full-time.

Jessie is all about body positivity. She teaches dance classes in New York City and on YouTube. She’s also a model and has a major focus on body inclusivity. At the age of 12, Jessie left the dance world when a teacher told her that she needed to lose weight. That didn’t stop her passion. Now, she creates a judgment-free environment to make all her students feel comfortable.

The former bodybuilder is now a health coach and personal trainer. She recently spoke out about Black Lives Matter and regularly shares self-development advice. Midori owns the company MADSoleful. The company aims to help clients transform their lives from the inside out.

Ilya Parker identifies as a “black trans masculine person.” He works as a physical therapist and exercise specialist. As a writer and speaker, he talks about topics like racial and gender equality and justice. Decolonizing Fitness is a social justice platform all about making fitness accessible to every person. It’s operated by trans and queer people of color.

Kenny’s personal training company, Unrivaled Performance, helps clients increase their fitness through intense training programs and coaching. His workout videos will inspire you to keep going. He’s vocal about racial injustice, people of color, and holding each other accountable.

NoireFitFest is the UK’s first black fitness festival. The festival looks to address the lack of diversity and representation in the fitness industry. Donna is a yogi and intuitive wellness coach, as well as an advocate for body positivity.

Clyde is an athlete and ex-soccer pro. As the owner of Rev’d Cyclin in Boston, Clyde shares empowering messages and fitness content. Simms is vocal on his social media platforms on his views and encourages education and honesty.

Fly Girl Collective is a community and platform that inspires black and brown women to live their best life through wellness, running, and fitness. Matilda is a writer, runner, and fitness coach. She pushes for representation and creating a safe space in the fitness world. 

Meditation and yoga instructor, Faith Hunter, is the founder and CEO of Yoga Embrace, a yoga studio based in Washington DC. She’s also the founder of Spiritually Fly™, a philosophy that celebrates life. Faith often talks about being a person of color in the yoga world and strives to make wellness approachable and accessible for all.

Inclusivity in the health, fitness, and wellness world is an ongoing conversation. As fitness influencers and experts continue to use their platform and voice to spread the message of empowerment, justice, and equality, we can all work together to make fitness inclusive and accessible.   

Jenny Weller

Jenny Weller

Jenny is a creative freelance health and fitness writer. She has a passion for wellness and a degree in journalism. In her spare time, you can catch her playing badminton, rock climbing, and drinking coffee.

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