What is Ruoom® Planner?

Create a safe and healthy in-person customer experience for your services, classes, or events.

Ruoom® Planner, a patent-pending floor plan creator that creates optimal spacing between customers, equipment, and architectural obstructions. When you use Ruoom® Planner, our algorithm will automatically generate the optimal placement of your customers based on your three input parameters. Ruoom® Planner will create a digital floor plan that optimizes your space and reassures your customers that their well-being is your first concern.

Ruoom Inc's Patent-Pending Ruoom™ Planner Dashboard Example
By using Ruoom® Planner to design your room layouts, you can:

Ensure social distancing for customer safety in every type of in-person service.

Quickly determine how much equipment you can fit into each room.

Incorporate and work around obstructions.

Create and edit an infinite number of floor plans.

Export, share, and print floor plans for you team.

Fitness Teams: Ruoom® Planner comes loaded with a database of over 1600 equipment options that you can filter by type, brand, and name.


Try our free version, Ruoom® Planner Lite, for your business.

To use Ruoom® Planner Lite (Beta), enter your email address in the field below and you will be taken into the tool

NOTE: The Ruoom® Planner Lite IFrame will not appear on your mobile device. 
For the best experience, we strongly recommend using the tool only on desktop.

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Try Out Our Beta Platform!

It's free.