A Note from our CEO: Introducing Ruoom™ Planner Lite

In college, I had a professor that would always say, “you plan, and then life happens,” and 2020 could not be a better example of that statement. It is difficult to fully grasp how quickly things have changed in the last few months. However, determining our new role to help boutique fitness & hospitality businesses safely re-open their doors is a challenge we proudly accept.

When the COVID-19 lockdowns began, we did a small pivot and created an online fitness class platform that puts a paywall in front of live online fitness classes and video on demand (VoD) content to create a one-stop-shop for users. The platform gives freelance fitness instructors a way to connect with their communities digitally and get a bit of income as in-person instruction remains incredibly uncertain and restricted. Created out of necessity, our video platform, Ruoom Live, taught us that we must adapt to what our customers need and do our best to be a step ahead, and that’s where our story unfolds next. 

The core product of our company, Ruoom Inc., is a business management platform. Our full product suite does everything you’d expect – client management, point-of-sale, staff management, scheduling. However, what makes our product unique is that it includes our patent-pending algorithm, a tool called Ruoom™ Planner. Ruoom™ Planner can optimize space by taking two main parameters to determine an optimal floor plan: 1) the dimensions of your room and 2) how much space you want between your customers. Now that social distancing and leaving space between people is heavily mandated, we quickly realized this piece of our platform could help businesses re-adjust to this new reality. So we’re going to break off this piece of the platform and allow everyone to use it – For free. 

Today, we will be introducing Ruoom™ Planner Lite on our website. Throughout the summer and into the early fall, we will be releasing additional product rollouts to support your small business in preparing for the road ahead. We hope this (and really, everything we create) helps you in whatever chapter you are stepping into next. 

Stephanie Gupana

Stephanie Gupana

Stephanie is the CEO and co-founder of Ruoom Inc.

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